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When your child starts at nursery, you want to know that their needs and welfare are paramount to the staff you are leaving them with. We believe that children come first, and we clearly promote this as part of our ethos, starting with staff recruitment.

Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is to help all children feel settled and happy within our nursery, as these feelings are essential for a child of any age to develop positive self image, and to learn how to learn in a fun and supported manner.

All children have the opportunity to grow and develop following the Montessori principles and materials, and the Early Years Foundation Stage. We have a strong commitment to staff training and development, and encourage staff to pursue self improvement through both in-house and external training and qualifications.

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Forest School

A Forest School is an inspirational process, that offers a range of learning opportunities to develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on experiences in a woodland environment. It allows children to become comfortable with an outdoor approach to promote their education and play.

Nursery is often the first experience your child will have of care outside the home and/or immediate family.

We want your child to feel loved, welcome and secure in our environment, and the first step in developing these secure foundations is to assign a key-carer for your child who will be your primary daily contact.

Keep up to date with your child’s progress with Tapestry app.

At Lilliput we have registered children and parents on the Tapestry app which is widely used by many other nurseries and schools. The app allows parents and carers to follow the development of their child, stay informed with events at the nursery throughout the day and engage with staff from comments on their child’s day, what they are getting up to and also sending in photos from home.

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Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is not just about what we put on the plate. It is about educating the children and giving them the knowledge and independence to make healthy choices that will leave them in good stead for the future.