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The overall philosophy follows Dr Maria Montessori’s principles and theory and the staff have all received in-house training in this respect.

The emphasis is placed on child centred learning, with each child recognised and valued as an individual. The children are encouraged to develop to the best of their individual abilities using a wide range of activities designed to foster learning and discovery in a holistic way.

Dr Montessori discovered that children have an amazing ability to absorb information through all five senses, and that they find learning most exciting if they do it through independent practical discovery. Children use a mix of traditional wooden toys and modern technological equipment, extensive creative media and many opportunities for role play.

We incorporate the use of Heuristic Play sessions and Treasure Baskets, as well as Sensory Rooms to give children the opportunity to learn from a full range of sensorial experiences now matter what their age or development level.

The nursery Manager, together with Director, Sam Graveling, oversee the development of the curriculum to ensure that the specific needs of each age group and developmental stage are fully catered for.

All children have the opportunity to grow and develop following the Montessori principles and materials, and the Early Years Foundation Stage. We have a strong commitment to staff training and development, and encourage staff to pursue self improvement through both in-house and external training and qualifications.

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