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A brief history of the Lilliput Montessori family of nurseries, it all began back in 1994 when Sam and Paul opened the Anstey nursery.

The success here led to nursery number 2 opening in Glenfield in 1997; Coalville in 1999; Whetstone in 2000; and last (to date!) Leicester Forest East in 2007.

As of May 2019, we are proud to announce that Lilliput Montessori has become an Employee Owned Company, only the second nursery group ever in the United Kingdom!

What that means is that a significant part of the business is owned by a Trust on behalf of the employees, the remainder is held by Sam and Paul as the Founders of the business. The Trust has a Board which is made up of several employees, two independents and the Founders. The day to the day running has not changed, we all still have the same responsibilities, and the business will always concentrate on keeping the Montessori ethos and the holistic wellbeing and education of the children at it's heart.

As a group, we like to keep ourselves abreast of new and revised thinking relating to childcare. We are currently all working towards a Healthy Tots accreditation. Healthy Tots status is about creating a culture and environment that promotes health and well-being. It focuses on, healthy eating, emotional health well-being and physical activity. We are proud to say that our nurseries in Anstey and Whetstone have been accredited and that the others are working towards completing theirs within the next 12 months.

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